Plain yet elegent

Plain yet elegent

In the crowd of trends and fashion heebie jeebies, one trend goes forward with full throttle without any downfall or interruptions and that is solid color wears. Whether you call it a formal shirt for men or linear colored tops of gown, plain color indeed stand out pretty well among others. IT somehow manage to show elegancy to its fullest and the wearer indeed gives an aura of maturity once in such outfit.

“ It has been well surveyed that, solid color dress standout among other mixture of color, and it manages to give a glimpse of maturity when wore with right overall combinations.”

However, some texture on the fabrics gives an extra punch to a solid color dress. Of course, the style sense varies from person to person or Should I say age to age, It also depends on genders as well. You cannot press sense of style upon a fifteen or sixteen year old boy or a girl. They most likely not prefer simplicity or solid colors over funky styles and cartoons or vibrancy in their wears.


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